Teletherapy Portal



At the Pinnacle Center, we offer the convenience of teletherapy. Click here to access the portal and start your teletherapy session. You can also use the portal to view upcoming appointments and complete documents as needed. If you don't already have a portal account, ask your provider or contact our administrative staff.

 For those who are interested in this newer mode of assistance, here are a few issues to keep in mind and to guide you during the process. You will need a smartphone, tablet, or computer in order to connect via the Internet to our teletherapy platform.

First, decide if teletherapy is right for you. If any of the following conditions apply, we might recommend you see a therapist in person.
    -If we cannot confirm your identity by visual verification, such as an official photo identification card. 
    -If you are not competent with the technology, do not have adequate smart device and Internet capability, and/or don’t have someone to assist with technological issues.
    -If you have a medical condition that interferes with adequate teletherapy.
    -If your emotional and/or behavioral concerns are of a nature that interferes with adequate teletherapy.


Teletherapy is appropriate when:

-You are familiar with smart devices, computers, and virtual communications in your work and/or personal life.
-You have a private and quiet meeting place to ensure your confidentiality.
-You have a backup communication plan for situations when the primary teletherapy platform or internet connection is lost.
-You identify your location during each teletherapy session.
-You do not engage in any complex activities (such as driving a car) during the teletherapy session.
Some useful tips for teletherapy:
-Spaces with carpeting provide the best sound quality.
-Turn off any unecessary equipment, such as fans, furnace, A/C, music, etc.
-Position yourself so that lighting is in front of you, not behind you.
-Notify others in your area that you do not want to be disturbed.
-Limit online use, tabs, applications, and other processes during the session that might interfere with your Internet signal.

For children and teens who use teletherapy:


-As with adults, privacy is important for children and teens.

-It is important to respect the child/teen's therapy time.
-Given that smartphones are the conventional way children/teens communicate with the world, it is particularly important for them to refrain from social media and other similar platforms and types of communication during the therapy session.
-For the first few sessions, parents might be invited to join in the session, especially for younger children who might need assistance in setting up and operating the device.
-The therapist will need a way to contact the parent immediately during the session if needed.
-White noise machines, earphones/buds and headphones might be desired in order to maximize privacy, especially for teens.
-Younger children might benefit from a "fidget" toy during the session.
-All tips above also apply to children/teens.

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