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Services Available

Individual Psychotherapy – You will work one-on-one with one of our providers, usually in weekly sessions, to address personal goals and problem areas.

Couples & Marriage Counseling – You and your partner will work together with one of our providers to identify obstacles to a satisfactory relationship and to negotiate changes that will enhance your relationship. Sometimes, your counselor will suggest he/she meet with each of you individually from time to time.

Group Counseling – You will participate with several other people in a group and one or more of our providers will lead the group. Groups are created when there are enough people who are interested in a specific problem area. They may be “revolving” groups in which new participants enter the group as they contact us and leave when they desire, or the group may be limited to a number of sessions in which all participants start and stop at the same time.

Child/Adolescent Counseling – Many of our providers are particularly trained and skilled in helping children and teenagers with problems typical to that age range. This may include helping parents deal with the problems of childhood and effective ways to parent.

Family Therapy – Some of our providers are specially trained to deal with family matters. This form of psychotherapy takes a “systems” approach that focuses not on individual family members, but the whole family as a system that affects each of the family members. Problems are viewed as the family’s problems, not as an individual’s problems, and each family member’s perspective is respected.

Anger Management Classes – We offer an anger management class to adults who have experienced trouble due to their temper or underlying anger. This class emphasizes skill building in the areas of sensitivity, communication, stress management, and conflict resolution. Whether you are boiling over with anger, stuffing irritations, or just want to resolve personal or legal difficulties, you can benefit your life and the lives of others by taking this class. Many others already have!

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – We provide employee assistance programs to the employees of the Charles County School System, the Charles County Government, the Charles County Sheriff’s Department, as well as to other employers on a contractual basis. If you work for one of these employers, you can call us at any time to schedule an appointment or consult on the phone. EAP services are designed to help employees with work-related problems and with family or individual difficulties.

Psychological Testing
– We provide psychological testing to support ongoing counseling provided by our people and a variety of other purposes.  For example, we offer assessments for ADHD and learning disabilities,. 

Workshops, Seminars, Educational Classes - We are able to help you develop effective skills in a classroom setting. We currently offer anger management, couples communication, and parent consultation classes. However, we can put together classes in stress, depression, anxiety, weight control, and a whole host of other possible problem areas depending on the interests of the community.

Forensic Services – We routinely conduct evaluations and therapeutic services that are ordered by the courts for a variety of legal decision-making purposes. For example, the courts may appoint us to recommend child custody and visitation arrangements, or to meet with children and parents of divorcing couples to enhance parent-child interaction.